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Larry Redhouse, born in Monterey, CA on August 9, 1959, has been playing piano for over thirty years. Not surprisingly, Larry comes from a family of exceptional musicians (Larry is the youngest of three brothers and two sisters) who were immersed in music from early childhood. His father, of the Navajo Nation and his mother who is Philipino, encouraged each of the six siblings to develop their musical skills.

At an early age, Larry demonstrated his talent and love for playing the piano and he cites several influences. Inspired by the hippie movement of the mid-sixties, and the music of bands such as the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Santana, Larry was motivated to learn Latin percussion, drums and trumpet. He always knew his forte was in jazz stylings, and he would incorporate the combination of many influences, such as fusion, traditional jazz, Latin and funk into his music. Larry's original compositions continue to be affected by his appreciation for these styles.

Larry is a fresh and original musical voice and brings an honest message of deep, emotional musical expression. He has never sought to be a "fad musician". He hasn't wavered in his vision of improvising and playing through life's song, with his heart.

Larry's sound has evolved into a modern sound of mature, original jazz innovation, with an edge of raw creative energy. He utilizes the timeless format of the acoustic piano. Then, with a slight twist, from his arsenal of alectronic keyboards, he adds colorfully natural synth sounds, giving the compositions added depth.


The Special Step - The first self produced trio release showcasing many of Larry's original compositions.

Live at the Westward Look - Self produced trio release recorded live emphasizing the new trio sound of musical introspection and sensitivity.

Spirit Progression - An exciting new release of all original compositions from Larry.  "...the whole CD has a fresher, hipper-than-fusion sound," writes music critic Chuck Graham.

Each track shines with tight ensemble work, solid compositions and tasteful improvisational interplay between some very gifted musicians. 

"Collectively and individually, these very creative guys are the best"  --- Paul Horn, world renowned jazz musician.


All photos of Larry by Nancy Smith-Jones

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