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"Although I was not able to be present at the Western Governors' Association reception due to demands of the wildfires, I heard excellent reports about the performances of Vincent Davis and Michael SpottedWolf. They were outstanding and ensured that our great State's cultural diversity was showcased for our visitors."
Jane Dee Hull, Governor

" Thank you very, very much for the excellent job that you did in creating and implementing the awesome Native American performance that we experienced last Sunday. It was a magical experience for the audience - thanks mostly to your and Derrick's hard work, creativity and professionalism. You've already received Sue's thank you letter - which was very impressive. I'll try to do as well. :)

First and foremost, thank you for making us all look good. From the performers all the way up to the client, everyone was very, very proud to stage this event. The end result was spectacular, due to the considerable time and effort that you personally invested in this event.

Everything that I asked for was received within minutes. Not days, not hours, but minutes. It was incredible. You wrote the greeting - and it was approved with no changes. You wrote the program copy - and the same applied. Every single thing that you wrote and submitted was turned in long before the deadline and exceeded expectations. Everything that you did exceeded expectations - and mine are very high. This was the easiest event that I've produced in years because of you. There was very little for me to do or worry about with you on the team - what a luxury! I could worry about the logistics, the caterers, the artisans, the Heard - the things that I really needed to focus on - rather than what was going on with the performance or the performers. I knew you had your act(s) together and could put it out of my mind. When I saw the performances on Saturday and at the rehearsals, I got chills. You captured exactly what we were all hoping for - and everything that involved you fell into place beautifully.

Sue, I've worked with enough native talent to know that it is not easy (in fact, close to impossible) to have everything go so smoothly. You were dealing with several different tribes, styles and people. I know that you worked very hard to make everything appear so smooth and seamless - almost easy. Like a duck paddling like crazy beneath the surface and seeming to glide smoothly across it to the observer. The performers knew what they were doing - they knew where they had to be and when - and they were amazingly flexible when we found out that our buddy Mike had to walk through the dressing room to get to the liquor cage (surprise)! We were all so pleased with everything - not just the performance, but the process as well. Having you in the equation made all the difference in the world to me and the rest of the team.

I have never - truly never - had someone respond and exceed expectations the way that you did on this event. It was such a pleasure to work with you and discover that your standards are as high as mine - or even higher. What a wonderful experience! Derrick is a treasure as well. Please pass along my sincere thanks and admiration for all of his hard work, excellent choreography and direction - as well as the time that he took in meeting with the rest of the team to get everyone singing from the same page. His hard work paid off in an outstanding performance, and my client is receiving outstanding feedback.

Once again, thank you for making us all look good. I feel very lucky to have met you and to have had the chance to work with you. I will bring you in on projects every chance I get.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was a real pleasure working with you and your team and I'm looking forward to the next one!"

Tracy Garrity
Tracy Garrity Productions, Inc.

"Thank you so much for an outstanding performance during tthe National Head Start Association's 29th Annual Training Conference. I know the closing session attendees enjoyed your gifted dancers as much as I did by the many compliments and positive comments I heard. Everyone wanted to take pictures with them!"
Sarah M. Greene, President and CEO, National Head Start Association

Thank you very much for your wonderful Native American Song and Dance performance as part of the West Valley Fine Arts Council's Arts Advantage series. We have received some great feedback from students and educators. A number of students were inspired to attempt hoop dancing which really enhanced ther appreciation of your skill and expertise in this area, Derrick. . . .

The dance teacher was thrilled to present different Native American dance styles to her students - especially as your presentation articulated the links between dance and social roles and broader cultural context in which the dances occurred."
Kris Darroch, Programs Manager, West Valley Fine Arts Council



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