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Derrick Suwaima Davis

Artistic Director, Talent Coordinator,
Choreographer & Performer, Lecturer

Derrick Suwaima Davis is a Native Arizonan, from the Hopi and Choctaw Nations. Suwaima, who began participating in Pow Wows at the age of 3, is a Seven Time World Champion Hoop Dancer and Champion Fancy Dancer.

In addition to dancing competitively, Suwaima also has many other interests. He serves as the choreographer for, and performs in, the annual Native Song & Dance production at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts. Suwaima also functions as Artistic Director for the Native Trails Tour and Scottsdale Festivals.

For 7 years, he was a member of the pop/rock group “Clan/destine”. Furthermore, Suwaima has worked with The Phoenix Symphony and Canyon Records. In 2002, he was Head Man Dancer at the Inaugural Pow Wow at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian on the Mall in Washington, DC.

Posing with Hoops
Derrick Suwaima Davis, Hopi/Choctaw
Four Time World Champion Hoop Dancer

Ken Ross Photography

Suwaima has appeared as a model in Marie Clare and his image has been used on everything from billboards, to Heard Museum and Arizona Office of Tourism ads, to a US Postal Service campaign.

Auspicious publications Suwaima has been featured in include Smithsonian (cover), Native Peoples (cover), Phoenix Home & Garden (as Master Dancer of the Southwest), and Cosmopolitan (man of the month).

Suwaima regularly performs in theatrical productions, school programs, concerts, and other special events.

hoop dance1
hoop dance2


The Living Traditions Dance Troupe

Living Traditions Dance Troupe
Derrick Suwaima Davis, Lisa Little Iron, Eldred Matt, Perry Thompson
Members of Living Traditions Dance Troupe
Lee Hyeoma Photography

The Living Traditions Dance Troupe is comprised of various championship artists, each bringing his/her own cultural values and ideals, and expressing them through dance movements. The Group involves a variety of dancers, including but not limited to representatives from the following tribes: Hopi, Dine', Lakota, Seminole, Creek, Hidatsa, Apache and Choctaw.

Yolanda TsosieThey begin the performance with a brief explanation of how song and dance is utilized to celebrate identity. They explain that each culture is unique, yet has a gift and a lesson to offer the others. They come together in song and dance to honor the First Nations way, all people, and the lives which we all carry. The Dancers impart and encourage a positive message, and pave the way for future generations who will follow.

The dances have evolved from ceremonial songs, dances, and/or historical events and may include the following:

  • The Eagle
  • The Horsetail
  • Men's Fancy
  • Women's Traditional
  • The Hoop
  • The Friendship
  • Grass
  • Fancy Shawl

The Living Traditions Dance Troupe seeks to entertain and share the culture of First Nations people through their programs ranging from solo dance performances to professionally choreographed, lavish productions.


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